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Vo Motokichi

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Ba  TK

​Gt  Kanato

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R&B、ロック、ジャズ、ポップス、プログレ等にいたるまで、様々な要素を取り込みハイセンスに融合。発信する楽曲は、たびたびApple MusicやSpotifyの公式プレイリストに取り上げられ、



alternative R&B rock band based in Tokyo.
Band restarts with current official member in 2022.
From R&B, Rock, Jazz, Pops, Progressive Rock, etc.. 
WOL's music style is mixed up different kind of Genre to make it like their own art.
The songs they streamed often appears on Apple Music and Spotify's official playlist.
Their music style is highly rated by the other artist and music industry.
Not only in Japan, they set their goal and take actions to spread their music world wide.